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The Manis with Grannies Podcast is a labor of love. All of the work is done by Tiffany Marino and her husband Dan, and there is no advertising. We rely on donations from our listeners to keep the podcast going.

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Why should you donate to the Manis with Grannies Podcast?

  • To help elevate the “maniview” experience: The podcast provides a platform for women to share their unique perspectives on life and get papmered.

  • To help preserve the stories of women: The podcast is a valuable archive of oral history.

  • To support a small, independent podcast: The podcast is not affiliated with any major media organization. We rely on the support of our listeners to continue producing high-quality content.

  • Your donation will make a difference!

Even a small donation can help us continue to produce the podcast and make it available to listeners around the world.

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Together, we can elevate the “maniview” experience and preserve the stories of women!

P.S. 100% of your donation goes toward elevating the “maniview” experience and the preservation of their stories.