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Preserving Memories in Warren County

By Jackie Palmer

In Warren County, one woman is on a heartfelt mission to ensure the cherished stories of senior women are preserved for generations to come.

Tiffany Marino, along with her husband Dan, have created a one-of-a-kind podcast called “Manis with Grannies.” The concept is simple but profound – they visit women all over the county, providing a day of pampering with a manicure while also engaging in a heartfelt conversation about their lives.

The program is completely free for interviewees and allows women to share their stories. The idea came to Tiffany after the loss of her family members.

“Manis with Grannies came from me missing my grandmother and great grandmother,” said Tiffany Marino, creator and host of Manis with Grannies. “I wish that I would have recorded their stories when I was still able to. I’m not able to anymore, but I can do that for other people.”

“My child will have, you know, a recording of this for the rest of their lives,” said Nancy Cashman, resident of the Rouse Suites. “Things I did. Things that I haven’t told them and things they already know.”

“Manis with Grannies” dedication to capturing these stories is not only preserving memories but also creating lasting connections between generations..

If  you or someone you know would like to participate in the podcast, click here.

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