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episode 4 – Dee Dee Tucker

Dee Dee Tucker and Tiffany Marino

Listen in on a fun conversation with Dee Dee Tucker.  Dee Dee takes us through the early years of her marriage.  You’ll learn about Warren’s Toy Shoppe, with a lesson about the importance of having women on the team tucked into the story.  Dee Dee shares her love story with her late husband & high school sweetheart Bill, including a sweet engagement story.  It was fun hearing Dee Dee’s stories about growing up with her family in Warren.  Her passion for reading and learning is a recurring theme throughout the episode.  The story about her daughter’s goldfish contains a great parenting lesson.  Hearing Dee Dee talk about dealing with the grief after her husband’s death will give you perspective and will likely make you introspective.  Listen for some valuable life advice Dee Dee passes on from her mother – you’ll love the concept of “do the person.”  Her take on aging and getting older is something we can all learn from. 

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