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We recorded our first episode!!

By June 1, 2023August 7th, 2023No Comments

first episode

We recorded our first podcast episode!!

Our friend Brad connected us with his mother Jane, for our first episode.

After unsuccessfully trying to call Jane on the phone, I decided to rejoin Facebook (after being off for almost 10 years) because I was told that was her preferred form of communication – Facebook Messenger. I was able to quickly find Jane and send her a message of introduction. After exchanging a couple messages, we had a quick chat on the phone and our date was set.

The night before I was feeling a little nervous, but also excited to make my idea a reality. I don’t have much experience at all with giving manicures or painting other people’s nails. The only times I can remember painting someone else’s nails, was at a waitressing job I had when I was in high school. We would host birthday tea parties for young girls and paint their nails during the party – this was over 20 years ago.

The morning of the first maniview (remember my new portmanteau for manicure / interview?) my nerves were right at the surface. As I was getting ready, I realized I wasn’t completely prepared. I realized that I wanted to do some kind of lead-in introduction to set some context and begin the conversation, which I had not thought of before. I got my thoughts together and took a break from getting ready to type out my intro into my notes app on my phone.

Love my husband, Dan – he’s the best for me. But as soon as I look like I’m intently focused on something, that’s when he needs to ask me a question. You can bet on it. If I’m reading, time for a catch up sesh. And this morning was no different. I was head down, frenetically typing on my phone, perched on the edge of the bed and he’s asking, “Does your watch need to be charged?” I eek out a trying-to-be-patient-and-understanding “I’m not sure.” He keeps talking and I tune him out because he can see that I am in the middle of something that needs my attention and I know that whatever he is rambling about isn’t important at all. Then he calls out, “where do you keep your watch charger?” And I blurt out across our home, “I don’t need the watch to be charged” in a way that he knows to leave me alone. I feel bad, but I need to focus on my task at hand so we aren’t late for the maniview appointment.

I also forgot to have the media release form printed so Jane could sign it before we started recording our podcast. We don’t have a printer so we needed to make time to stop at Innovault, the shared coworking space we’re a part of, before arriving at Jane’s house. We were (surprisingly) able to leave the house on time (not typical for me). Dan sweetly offered to let me wait in the car while he went into Innovault to print the media release form, so I was able to take that time to gather myself, organize my notes and thoughts and run through the intro I prepared earlier.

When we arrived at Jane’s house we were greeted by the smiling faces of Jane’s daughter Lisa and her husband Jim, both of whom we had met before – both times in costume, though. It’s interesting meeting people for the first time at a Halloween party because then you always remember them as their costume. Lisa & Jim will forever be Zombie Abe Lincoln & Zombie Mary Todd, both of which were epic costumes, complete with an authentic hoopskirt.

Jane graciously welcomed us into her home. Right away Dan and I started getting set up. Lisa & Jim helped us get settled in and ready for podcast recording, then they went on a walk to leave us to get to know each other.

When we started recording, I was working hard at internally calming my nerves. My hands were trembling the slightest bit. I knew I either needed to calm myself or acknowledge my nerves, so that I could make Jane feel at ease and I could do my best with the interview. I got through the portion I prepared earlier that morning and asked my first question. Jane’s enthusiasm immediately put my nerves to rest.

As I was giving Jane her manicure, and listening to her stories we both settled in and genuinely enjoyed our time together. When the manicure was complete and our interview session was coming to a close, it was hard to end our conversation. There were stories we didn’t get to finish and so many follow up questions I didn’t get to ask.

I hope you enjoy listening to the first episode of Manis with Grannies featuring Jane Conquer.  Reach out to me to let me know what you thought!  You can find me on Facebook, TikTok, & Instagram @maniswithgrannies


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