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Kay Jones

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Kay Jones

For my second podcast episode of Manis with Grannies, I sat down with my new friend Kristine’s grandmother, Kay Jones. It was a pleasure getting to sit down with Kay and give her my undivided attention.

Kay lives with dementia; her family is helping her manage it through medication and care. For our conversation Kay brought some photos to show me, to help us navigate our way down memory lane. It was a joy to see Kay’s face light up with each new picture we looked at. The pride she has for her family and each of their unique accomplishments was demonstrated by her enthusiasm and delight in explaining the context of each photo.

Here are some photos from our maniview, of Kay showing me her family memories:

Music, specifically piano, is a recurring theme throughout my conversation with Kay. She was gracious enough to play a song on the piano for me after our interview. And you can hear a snippet from that special moment here:

Going into this maniview I was just slightly less nervous than the first one. Having done one so far, I, at least, had that experience to reflect on and learn from. And it helped that I knew exactly where I was going. It worked out that Kay was going to be at Kristine’s house the weekend we were scheduling the maniview. I had already been to Kristine’s home, which she shares with her husband Cyril, a few times so I already knew where we would be parking and where we’d be setting up for the maniview.

Kristine’s welcoming smile greeted us at the door and eased some of my nerves. While Dan and I set up, we chit-chatted with Kristine and Cyril took a quick break from work to say hi. Kristine excused herself to one of the many rooms of their historic home as we finished getting set up.

When we started recording and I began my conversation with Kay, I opened with a tidbit of information that I knew about Kay. Or I should say, I thought I knew about Kay. I was wrong. I had the story all wrong! AWKWARD! LOL ssoooo that got edited out! It wasn’t a great way to start things off, but I did learn a lesson: Fact check yourself before mentioning any facts/stories about the person you are interviewing.

I love looking at old photos and it was so fun seeing photos of Kristine when she was younger, way before we knew each other. It was sweet to learn about my friend through her grandmother’s eyes. We continued reminiscing well after the manicure was done. Unfortunately it didn’t really translate well to the audio for the podcast so a lot of our maniview was edited out.

I enjoyed the time I got to spend with Kay and hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.

Click HERE to listen to Kay’s podcast episode now.


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