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Manicure Prep Work

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Manicure Prep Work

Here’s what I did to prepare for Manis with Grannies…

I do like having my nails painted and giving myself a manicure, so I already had some manicure supplies. I gathered everything I already had together and fit it all nicely in a pretty shoulder bag I already own.

I was missing some items, so I bought a few things as well, listed below with links where you can find them too. If you click my link and make a purchase, I may get a small commission because it is an affiliate link.

I haven’t bought any additional nail polish colors yet; I’ve been able to use my existing collection.

For nail files, I already had a couple packs of Revlon emery boards. I can’t remember where I got them or why I have them, but I’m so glad I do now.

We buy nail clippers in bulk on Amazon, so I already had nail clippers.

Someone gifted me a cute little manicure set at some point, but I never used the nail brush that came with it.

I had two nail polish removers so I took one for my Manis with Grannies kit. I also already had multiple nail scissors so one of those got added to the kit too.

I keep an inventory of travel toiletries and I was able to find a hand soap and a hand moisturizing lotion in my collection.

I went to the Dollar Tree to see what kind of fun things I could find there. I got these cute little nail cover clip things to help with nail polish removal. I also got a pretty mint green hand towel.

I went to Amazon for my cuticle pusher. I looked for one that was low cost but with good reviews. I also got these handy hand soaking bowls on Amazon. They were a little more than I would have liked to spend, but I think they are going to be worth it for that true spa experience.

Once I got my supplies together I did some research on steps to a professional manicure. I’ve gotten manicures at nail salons and spas before but it’s been a while and I’m usually just enjoying getting one, not really paying attention to the order of steps.

Through my research, I found out about nail stickers and decided I needed to add some stickers to my kit as well. I promptly went on Amazon and picked out some pretty nail stickers.

I collected all my supplies and organized them in a multi-compartment makeup tote I got on my local Buy Nothing group. The tote didn’t fit everything, but I found one of my big shoulder purses can fit the tote plus the overflow items, so now my kit is ready to go!

But am I? I decided to do a trial run manicure on my husband so I could get the feel of handling someone else’s hands. His nails looked fabulous when I was done.

At this point I was as ready as I was going to be. Still a little nervous, but very excited, now I just had to schedule the first manicure/interview – which I will now be referring to as a maniview.


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